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Week 48: What's happening

Am sure some of you are still dealing with the after-effects of the storm last Friday - normally in Prion we are smashed by the wind, but the northerly direction actually meant we were slightly sheltered. We had some tarps blown about at the field but (fingers crossed) the polytunnels seem all ok. Hopefully none of you had too much damage and have power back if you lost it.

We're not quite packing boxes in the new unit yet but hopefully can start next week once we have work benches / tables in.

A reminder about Christmas dates if you missed them last week:

The shop will be open -

Tues 21st Dec 4-7pm

Thurs 23rd Dec 9.30am-1.30pm

Fri 24th Dec - closed


Thurs 6th & Fri 7th Jan (hours tbc) - minimal stock as not all farms supplying by then

Monday 10th Jan - veg box delivery will restart (after a 2 week break)

If you know now that you want veg and fruit from the shop for Christmas, we'd advise that you pre-order as much as you can to make sure we don't run out. Send us an email to place your order and then pick up from the shop. Remember we order in well ahead of time so we'll need to have any orders before Tuesday 14th December.

It's definitely all getting quieter down in the field. Time for some tidying and cleaning before we're back to it again.

Eat Your Greens veg boxes:

Small boxes have got turnips, cavalo nero (kale), sprouts, chestnut mushrooms, Navelina oranges. Regular boxes have palermo peppers, parsnips, sweet potato, spring greens, leeks, salad / radishes from Prion, kohlrabi, clementules.

The Vale Grocer shop:

Please note the opening times for Christmas week above - we are not planning to be open on Friday 24th December.

Plenty of: Red Cara potatoes, swede, turnips, celeriac, parsnips, rainbow / purple / orange carrots, sweet potato, golden / chioggia beetroot, sprouts, spring greens, squash, red palermo peppers, (small) Hass avocados, fresh garlic and ginger, fresh chillies (Prion)

Limited: brown / red / Roscoff onions, cauliflower (none next week), kohlrabi, leeks, Prion tomatoes (lots of green ones too- free for chutneys etc), portobello / chestnut mushrooms

Fruit: lemons, Topaz / Crimson Crisp apples, oranges, clementines, bananas

+ local free-range eggs (no quail at the moment) - lots

+ local Cae Main apple juice

+ local sourdough bread from Nant y Felin (this is selling out every week so if you know you want some let me know before Wednesday of the Friday you want it so we can pre-order)

Recipe Inspiration:

We made a beef stew the other day - we like this recipe but added in lots of extra root veg, including the yakon from last week. They suggest haivng it with lemony greens so we got some spring greens (leaves only, not stalk), and cooked them up in lots of olive oil with a bit of salt and a lot of lemon juice. SO simple and yet so so tasty. Highly recommend if you haven't yet been converted to spring greens (we do the same with cavolo nero too).

have a good week


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