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Week 39: What's happening

We are already missing those still evenings from earlier in the week as the wind kicks in! We had a bbq late into the evening the other night, and not a breath of wind (very unusual in Prion!). Always lovely to be able to enjoy the light evenings whilst we still have them.

A little note from our wholesalers (Organic North) which made us smile, although clearly it's not really laughable stuff.... 'On the national crisis wheel of fortune this week, it’s the turn of fuel supplies- huzzah! With the range of electric vans currently only being around 100 miles tops, like almost everyone else in the UK, we and our HGV haulage partners (and thus all you guys of course) unfortunately remain very much reliant on diesel to power our food across the country. Thankfully, short of wasting lots of time and money queuing up for hours, we’ve had no mega dramas so far but if on the off-chance we happen to get to you any later than usual this week, it would be fairly safe to assume that this is the cause. Pestilence, Brexit, roadblocks, inflation, lockdowns, labour shortages, fuel shortages, bloody cardboard shortages…be sure to tune in next week to see what other crises we collectively laugh in the face of! : )'

Also, we've got another video here from one of their suppliers (East Suffolk Produce) talking about the risks involved in organic farming - Organic North are hoping (with our collective help) to inspire businesses like East Suffolk to turn more of their land back to organic methods and thus help minimise the chemical load on the their land. We like sharing these with you as one of the things we love about doing what we do is bringing people closer to the growers and suppliers and shortening the distance (mentally as well as physically!) from farm to fork.

In the field, lots going on.

Still harvesting a lot. This week: 400g aubergines, 12kg beetroot, 7kg cavalo nero, 8kg chard, 4.5kg cherry tomatoes & 30kg (!) of beef and yellow tomatoes, 1kg courgettes, 8kg kale, 1kg melon, 3kg patty pan squash, 3.5kg potatoes, 10kg runner beans, 1 kg sweet peppers.

Chris has done a video update:

Recipe Inspiration:

If you're a squash risotto fan (who isn't?) this doesn't look like much but wow it's seriosuly tasty. We also have organic halloumi for sale if you want any added to your box or to pick up from the shop - bit easier to do now temperatures are cooler.

have a good week


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