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Week 35: What's happening

A busy bank holiday weekend getting stuff done in the garden and being sociable, then a productive week in the field and on the computer. So we're feeling ready for the shift in tempo as summer starts to wind down.

I always think it's interesting how the school year affects us all, regardless of whether you have people in your house actually going to school or not, and how the start of the new school year somehow always feels a like a bit of a new chapter with a slightly different vibe to it compared to July and August. In Australia the start of the school year is at the end of January so it feels like both new years come at once, whereas in the UK we have NY in January and then new school year in September 9 months later. We've certainly got a bit of renewed focus and energy and hoping that makes us super efficient! (we live in hope).

Talking of efficiency, we've written a bit of a list of things we're doing in the business and at home to be more sustainable - check out our blog here. We figured if we don't talk about it, noone knows!

In the field, lots of harvesting still happening*, but we're also making plans for next year's growing! Chris has some great spreadsheets going on telling us what we've grown and how much we've harvested that we're using as a guide. Also pulled up courgettes and planted pak choi. Harvested the carrots and planted about 200 (!) kale plants.

*this week harvested: 8.5kg french beans, 15kg runner beans, 4kg carrots, 4kg courgettes, 22kg leeks, 7.5kg tomatoes, 21 lettuces, 1kg patty pan squash.

Eat Your Greens veg boxes:

Still got a lot of issues with potatoes, Chris spent an hour or so this week doing the unpleasant job of just going through and sorting out the obviously bad (squidgy, smelly) ones. So sorry if you're getting some bad spuds in the box, we're trying different suppliers but it's just how it seems to be at the minute, hopefully soon all good again - we've never had this many problems with potatoes before.

Small boxes have Uchi Kuri squash, and cavolo nero, as well as beetroot, runner beans, and leeks. Regular boxes have beans, cauliflower, sweetcorn, courgette, tomatoes, lettuce or celery, and plums.

The Vale Grocer shop:

Plenty of: potatoes (Athlete), runner beans, french beans, carrots, chestnut mushrooms, ginger, garlic (from Prion!)

Limited: cauliflowers (2), small cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, sweetcorn (10), patty pan squash, courgettes, Harlequin squash (10), leeks

Fruit: UK apples (including Discovery, and Katy & Bardsey Island from Cae Main Orchard in Bodfari), lemons

Let us know if you'd like a lettuce and we'll harvest for you on Friday morning.

Also, we have a local supply of damsons, sloes and greengage plums - please let me know if you'd like any of these to make / bake / create and/or eat! Can get them in for this week and probably the next couple of weeks but mainly for pre-orders. Nothing more satisfying than making jams, chutneys, pickles and drinks to have later in the year. Give it a go.

+ hens and quails eggs

+ Bryn Cochyn apple juice

+ sourdough from Nant y Felin

Recipe Inspiration:

Thank you to the customer who sent in this recipe. Love biryani.

Sticking with the Asian theme, this runner bean curry looks good.

We made a warm salad the other lunch-time with various veggie bits - beans, potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes, roasted courgettes and pepper plus some halloumi. So so tasty with a lovely dressing over the top.

have a good week


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