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Week 30: What's happening

As I write this, our 5 year old is leaping about 'being a gymnast / hockey player / diver' having watched some of the amazing Olympic action. A bit of an Olympic throwback factoid for you - Chris was lucky enough to coach the UK Youth Olympic sailing team to Gold when the 2006 Youth Olympics took place in Sydney which was a pretty amazing experience. Spot the sporting hero he was over the moon to meet whilst there and is next to him in the 1st pic (Clue: he coached the English rugby team who won the 2003 World Cup).

Meanwhile, in our field in's been less about the vaulting and racing, and more about keeping the veg going through the dry warm weather. We've been weeding, planting out more beetroot and lettuces and tomatoes (hoping to extend the season). We've just sown more kale as some of ours has bolted in the warm dry weather. Also lots of harvesting - 6kg beetroot, 9kg courgettes, 10kg kale, 1.5kg peas.

Eat Your Greens veg boxes:

A note on the new potatoes - unfortunately we've noticed that some of these are bad but can only tell by squishing them (not very pleasant when they burst!), apologies in advance if you cut into any bad ones but this isn't something we can do much about.

Jostaberries in the regular boxes this week. No fruit in the small boxes.

The Vale Grocer shop:

Limited stock this week, partly due to heat (no fruit, sorry -we've been having to give away bananas as they just aren't keeping in this weather, went from green to black in just 4 days). If you know you definitely want anything on the list below from Prion it helps if you can let us know to help us harvest in the morning.

Plenty of: Charlotte new potatoes, onions, Prion courgettes, ginger and garlic

Limited: IOW heirloom vine, vine & cherry tomatoes, Prion beetroot, Prion peas, Prion green beans, Prion spring greens & kale, Prion cucumbers, little gem lettuces, lemons

We're in the process of setting up an online ordering system for those of you who pre-order veg from the shop on a Thursday - hoping to have this live next Thursday.

Recipe inspiration:

I had an amazing courgette pesto this week - worth remembering if you're struggling with courgettes! - there's a recipe here although in my opinion you don't have to roast the courgettes.

Love the look of this recipe from Meera Sodha, although not tried it yet. Apparently she created it in response to a question on Gardeners' Question Time about using up an overabundance of summer greens -it's called 'GQT Pilau' and from her book 'Fresh India'.

have a good week


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