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Week 25: What's happening

We're just chugging along, can't quite believe the summer solstice has been and gone, how did that happen!? We have a dog, and we walk to/from the field most of the time so we get lots of walks but thought this article was a good reminder of the power of a daily walk - we could probably use ours a bit more effectively than we do.

We've been glad for Rosie's return this week, and she said all the right things about our willow bean structures (given she's a professional basketmaker...we did feel perhaps there was a pretty high bar). Lots of weeding, more supports for the peas, more beds uncovered and planted out celeriac. We've also sown some more tomatoes, and also lettuces. We're hoping the damp warm weather after that sunshine works a treat. So much amazing veg just coming into season, in our field and in all the other amazing farms we buy from, such a hopeful time of year.

Eat Your Greens veg boxes

Red onions in all the boxes this week. Prion broad beans and kale in the regular boxes, along with tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, courgettes. In the small boxes - beetroot (stored, not new), spring greens, tomatoes, courgettes.

The Vale Grocer shop

Plenty of: Jersey new potatoes, Prion broad beans, (stored) beetroot, vine tomatoes, Palermo peppers, fresh brown onions, red onions

Limited: spring greens, mushrooms, courgettes, Prion new carrots, red onions, Prion lettuce, Prion cucumbers (not ours unfortunately)

Fruit: plums, bananas, apples, lemons, rhubarb (no oranges for now -they're available all year round but definitely less around at the moment so we take that as low season and would rather stock other things)

+ free-range chicken and quail eggs, apple juice, fresh herbs

Sourdough bread - we're only stocking a few loaves, first come first served, but if you're interested we can order on a weekly basis so let us know. It is lovely bread and supports a local business (Nant Y Felin).

Next week should be similar in terms of choice, with maybe some caulis, broccoli, cherry tomatoes too.

If you've been to the shop but not returned for a particulr reason, please let us know why - with a background in market research I relish hearing what people think, and definitely don't see feedback as a bad thing. Anything you can do to help us encourage more people to buy seasonal veg is a great help - and guaranteed that if you have a comment to make, it's likely that there's others who think the same - it's rare that someone has a completely unique opinion (sorry if that bursts anyone's bubble!). I've written a few thoughts here about shopping locally / creating habits and routines.

Recipe Inspiration

Don't forget you can make pesto from those lovely carrot tops- recipe here.

There's a baked courgette and tomato recipe here.

Finally, it's time for plastic -free July again, we'd love you to join us and millions of others reducing plastic waste. There's some stories here from other people that might inspire you. And in line with my thoughts on commitment in the blog I mentioned earlier, you're more likely to achieve it if you commit - sign up here and you'll get emailed encouragement in the way of tips and tricks. It's not about doing everything, it's about just starting small and finding alternatives and forming new habits (we're all about habits this week!).

have a good week


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