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Week 23: What's happening

Well this sunshine is certainly giving us a bit of hope that we are finally going to get through the hungry gap! We can feel the scent of fresh summer veg in the air and fingers crossed there'll be new carrots in the boxes next week. We've been hard at the work in the field and catching up after both of us had some time away over half term.

Where's wally? haha

Just to bring us back to earth with a bump, you may have seen in the news that since Covid there has been an increased demand on haulage in the UK. Our wholesalers have told us that pre-Covid, the situation nationally was already pretty bleak with a national shortfall of approx. 20,000 drivers. However, Brexit has meant that the new increased demand cannot be met nationally (we in fact can’t now even satisfy the level of demand pre leaving the EU). This is affecting both who our wholesalers can supply and who they can be supplied by which is a massive stress for them and could end up affecting prices. They are doing what they can to avoid any issues for us but we think it's important that customers understand some of what goes on behind the scenes to get the veg to you - it's not just about the weather!

Rosie has been away this week and we've had to build our bean structures without her! Check them out in this video - we are very proud of ourselves haha (plus I think I got sunstroke in the process - took one for the team and learned I need to drink more water). We managed to harvest about

20kg of broad beans for the boxes this week which was a relief as we weren't sure how many we'd get - thank you sunshine!

Eat Your Greens boxes

Prion broad beans and some (rather spicy!) salad leaves in the regular boxes. Some of the courgettes are also ours. Plus new potatoes and bunched red onions - these seem to have only been available for the one week so enjoy them as think this is all we're getting and they look great.

Kohlrabi, aubergine, radishes and red palermo peppers in the small boxes.

The carrots are still stored ones, and are unlikely to keep very well.

The Vale Grocer shop (Friday mornings, 9.30-1.30 @ 11 Mount Pleasant, Denbigh)

Plenty of: new potatoes, old potatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, aubergine, garlic, onions, carrots

Limited: white mushrooms, UK vine tomatoes, Helda beans, kohlrabi, Prion broad beans and courgettes and spring greens

Fruit: oranges, bananas, lemons, apricots, Prion strawberries - the taste of summer!

+ eggs & apple juice

Next week we 'should' have (everything crossed!) more broad beans, courgettes, salad, kale, spring greens, carrots, strawberries from Prion. Also red onions, tomatoes, mushroms, new potatoes, plums, oranges, apples, bananas.

A massive thank you for supporting us in the shop, whether you're a regular or just pop in now and again. We couldn't keep it going if we just relied on people who pass by so it's great to have so many of you getting this email and spreading the word. We love meeting you and enabling so people who can't have / don't want a box to get veg from us and avoid those pesky supermarkets. Every single one of you who comes in makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

Recipe inspiration

Don't forget now's the time for elderflower cordial - super easy if you've not tried making before. The broad beans are so fresh and young you can eat them raw - Jamie Oliver has a salad here that uses blanched and raw beans and looks good (although no idea what pata negra is, sounds very London, am sure bacon or parma ham would do!).

Riverford has some ideas for broad beans (this is taken from here)

  1. Pod, blanch & skin Pod the beans and blanch lightly in salted boiling water for about 3 mins, cool immediately in cold water and take a little time to slip them from their skins to reveal the bright green heart. Scatter through any host of salads, toss into pasta dishes, risottos and stews, or eat on their own with a flash of olive oil and parmesan shavings.

  2. Mash & bash Take some beans as prepared above and mash or blend them into a rough paste. Thin with a little crème fraîche or mascarpone, season well with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon. A fresh herb, like mint or tarragon, will bring it to a new level. Spread onto bruschetta or use as mezze dip.

  3. Slow cook Although coveted for their fresh verdant appearance, you can slow cook them with a little onion, garlic, wine and stock for an hour or so until soft, tender and dulled to a grey/green. You can even add the sliced pods to the pan if they are young and tender, too. Finish with chopped herbs and a little cured ham or chorizo for a Spanish feel.

have a good week


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