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Week 22: The race is on, Weeding vs Harvesting!

I can't believe I haven't written something for nearly 4 weeks! Really? That's partly because we were in a holding pattern whilst the rain and cool temperatures persisted in May, and we entered the hungry gap. But that has all changed now! The glorious weather over the weekend and this week has seen nearly exponential growth of everything... doc leaves, nettles, couch grass, broad beans, courgettes, strawberries. It is quite amazing. We can nearly weed a bed twice a day!!!


This week we've harvested

9 courgettes (3kg)

10kg Broadbeans

1 kg strawberries

Planted out:

French beans





Corgettes, Runner Beans, Squash, snow pea shoots

What is still to do?

Urgent work is needed to build all our bean structures. Last year Rosie did an amazing job weaving willow structures, but she's away this year so I'm going to have to fashion something myself... EEK. The problem we have where we grow is the wind. It can be so windy and so the structures need to be able to take that when they are fully laden. The willow structures had a lot of flex in them, which hopefully I can repeat!

The next week is going to be a lot of weeding and building and watering, but fortunately the TMS is on the radio, the sun is shining. What isn't there to love!

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