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Week 18: What's happening

Quick one this week as it's turned into a busy day. Hope everyone staying warm and dry - we're surviving and so is the veg far!! Chris has done another update from the field here.

Eat Your Greens veg boxes:

Lettuces from Prion in the regular boxes, chard from Prion in the small boxes. We've had to discard a few lettuces because they were so covered in greenfly...quite frustrating when you've spent a few months growong a lovely lettuce only to lose it at the last minute. Know it's likely a bit late for this week (!) but please with all our leaves we'd remind you to give them a quick wash - not just to lose any stray greenfly but any other little creatures that may make an appearance given we don't use any chemicals to kill them off! We're onto Braeburn apples in the small boxes, but these really are tyhe end of the UK apples now for a few months. Heirloom tomatoes from Isle of Wight (pricey but delicious and so beautifully vibrant! - see pic above) in the regular boxes - we can't believe how amazing these look when ours only just getting going (not helped by the super chilly weather)! Also we've got more of the very popular Helda beans this week, and some nectarines too (treat!).

The Vale Grocer shop: (open Friday mornings)

Plenty of: potatoes, onions, courgettes, ginger, garlic, chestnut mushrooms, cauliflowers, white cabbage (good for coleslaw), leeks, sweet potatoes

Limited: carrots, red (yay!) and green palermo peppers, tomatoes - regular and heirloom, cucumbers, spring greens, Helda beans, broccoli, aubergine + some chard / spinach / salad / lettuces / kale from Prion

Fruit: nectarines, apples, oranges, lemons (only a couple)

+ Eggs and juice.


Aubergines, tomatoes and courgettes take me straight to ratatouille - if you eat meat, get yourself some local lamb and you've got a meal that really reminds me of my lovely mum (who's no longer around but lives on in my memory of her amazing cooking).

I'm not sure I've nailed coleslaw yet, but came across this which seemed pretty comprehensive - who knew there were so many coleslaw dressings?! Going to give this a go (am also going to try making my own mayonnaise....kind of seems mad not to given the eggs coming thick and fast from our hens at the moment! - another Jamie recipe here but it's a good video so am going to risk Jamie Oliver overkill).

have a good week


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