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Week 18 .. Everythings Growing

The amazing thing about writing something every week, is that when I reflect upon what we've done... it never seems that great, the activities often seem quite insignificant at the time, but 6 months later you realise that they were crucial!

Examples of this might be the transplanting of the tomatoes, or the sowing of runner beans both of which have been done this week, and not actually taken very long to do!

The picture above shows the green house filling up nicely. It's quite tricky at the moment becuase the temperatures are still very low at night so I need to cover the tomatoes and cucumbers with fleece and then uncover in the morning. This video, I shot this morning shows me getting excited in the green house having just removed the fleece!


120 runner beans,

60 Tumbling Tom Tomatoes

5 rows of rocket

resown Saladini

Sown lettuces

Sown courgettes and Squash


80 tomato plants

Corriander plants

Parsley Plants

Planted out

6 more courgette plants:


40 portions of Chard

5kg salad

52 lettuces

2 STRAWBERRIES - hooray - they are on their way!

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