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Week 17: What's happening

We've been enjoying all that sunshine but also definitely happy to finally have some rain. Everything was parched and needed regular and thorough watering. We managed to get away last weekend in our caravan - first trip! - which was so lovely. We didn't go far as needed to pop back to water the veg, but was a great little bit of time out. And we went further than this time last year when we pitched a tent in our neighbour's garden (camping a la lockdown #1!).

Chris's update for this week on what's been happening in the field is here - we're excited that the beds are working so well and that we're able to get up to 4 or 5 different crops on one bed over the course of the year. You can see in this pic where we've cleared some of the lettuces - before sowing more salad shortly after. Broad beans on the right there looking good and strawberries in the tubs at the far end!

Eat Your Greens veg boxes:

We've managed to get salad stuff from Prion in all the boxes this week - that's 110 boxes! A lot of work growing and harvesting. Spring greens and Helda beans in the small boxes (in the regular boxes last week). Swiss chard in the regular boxes this week. Think everything else in the boxes should be easily identifiable but, as always, shout if you need help.

The Vale Grocer shop: (Friday mornings)

Plenty of: potatoes, leeks, tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms, flat Helda beans, garlic, ginger

Limited: carrots, onions, cucumbers, spring greens, sweet potatoes, Prion greens - salad, chard, spinach, kale

Fruit: oranges, apples, bananas, a few lemons

Apple juice (more from Cae Main - our last case) and eggs.

Recipe inspiration:

Sweet potato and lentil bake (or swap mince for the lentils!) - recipe here

Spicy pan-fried Spring greens - recipe here

Finally, not veg but our wholesalers have shared a lovely video from one of their suppliers - Pimhill Farm (Shrewsbury) - have a watch here, it's fab to see what they're doing, they've even got some wildflowers growing again that haven't been seen around there for a long while. They sell their bags of oats in 10kg bags, as well as 850g bags - all plastic free. Let us know if you'd like us to order you any as we'd like to support them in their mission to keep people out of the supermarkets! ;)

have a good week


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