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Week 15: What's happening

We managed our walk last week - Cwm Idwal - absolutely stunning despite the icy wind and lack of sun! Feel beyond lucky to be living in such a beautiful country with mountains and lakes like that literally on our doorstep, and that we're able to get out there to explore. I had no idea that Cwm Idwal was an important place for Charles Darwin and helped him understand more about glaciation. Where would we be without Wales!?

I've actually managed to do some work in the field this week (no co-incidence that it was nice weather haha) - Rosie and I planted some onions and lettuces outside, and Rosie also planted out kohlrabi and kale. There was a lot of harvesting this week - Chris is definitely quicker than me at this so I need to get practising! - lots of lovely green-ness for your boxes. Our wholesaler have told us they're very envious of our amazing chard - we reckon it's about as good as it can be - and they're struggling to get hold of any. Chris has written a bit here about what we've been up to. Also a short video here (5 mins) from another of our suppliers, Glebelands, another organic market gardener who's come from an entirely different industry (music)!

Eat your Greens veg boxes: You all got Prion salad this week - either lettuce or saladini. In the regular boxes you've also got something else from a mix of different greenery from Prion - including kale flowers, purple sprouting broccoli, kale, chard. We don't have enough of any one of these to go in all the boxes so it's pot luck what you get - if there's something specific you desperately love that we're growing that you've not had in your box then let us know and we'll try to get for you in the shop on Friday. Courgettes in the small boxes aren't looking great - they've come in from Europe as UK courgettes are triple the price and grown in heated greenhouses which isn't ideal. We're planting our courgettes out at the mo - maybe even going into the ground today! Spartan apples from UK in small boxes, clementine ortaniques in the regular boxes. Regular boxes also have kolhrabi (if you're new and haven't seen kohlrabi before, read this), and small boxes have spring greens.

The Vale Grocer shop (open Friday mornings):

Plenty of: small and baking potatoes, carrots, onions, cauliflower, tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms, cucumbers, leeks, green peppers, garlic, ginger

Limited: kohlrabi, pointed cabbages, spring greens, courgettes, Prion leaves - kale, kale tops, salad, radishes (these were popular last week, not sure how many we'll be able to harvest in the morning but we'll have a few)

Fruit: bananas, Spartan UK apples, oranges, clementine ortaniques, lemons - quite a lot of fruit in this week


Here's an easy recipe for spring greens, cabbage or any of the Prion greens you've got this week.

have a good week


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