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Watering and apple wisdom

Happy summer solstice! Quick one this week as running out of time - again. We're certainly at the time of year where there is just not enough hours in the day, especially with all the watering required at the moment. But we're feeling in control-ish, and have got everything in that we needed to before the equinox, so fingers crossed.

In the field:

Lots more planted out - sweetcorn, courgettes (more to go), squash, beetroot, runner beans.

Pricked out more kale and cavalo nero. Sowed more runner beans. Watering and weeding.

In the boxes:

Small - new potatoes, new carrots, onions, beetroot, cucumber, broccoli, courgette, apricots, leeks

Regular- new potatoes, new carrots, onions, summer greens, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, sweet potatoes, red pepper, swiss chard and oranges

We ordered the broccoli as it's the first of the UK broccoli and we had high hopes, but unfortunately it didn't come in as amazing as it could have done - apologies if yours doesn't look it's best. Really disappointing.

In the shop:

Plenty: White/chestnut mushrooms, palermo peppers, green beans (from Bryn Cochyn - arriving some point tomorrow morning), new potatoes, onions

Limited: Cucumbers, mini cucumbers*, red peppers, UK heirloom & cherry tomatoes, beetroot*, summer greens, lettuce*, cavalo nero*, bunched carrots (we sold lots of these at the community event last weekend so a bit low...), rhubarb*, cauliflower, broccoli

Fruit: Bananas, lemons, oranges (the last), apricots

We've also got some fresh mint.

*= from Prion

Eggs, Pentrefelin milk, Nant y Felin sourdough plus other organic pantry staples including beer - we've got a new one in this week from Little Valley (Hebden Bridge) called Python IPA 6%.

Recipe inspiration:

Just about to make this beetroot and orange salad to have with a bbq and thought I would share - will let you know what we think of it.

Finally, if you've ever heard any of the episodes in a series called Just One Thing on Radio 4 (Dr Michael Mosley) you might have caught the programme this morning about apples...the link is here (15 mins approx) - haven't had a chance to listen yet but the lovely folk at Cae Main Orchard alerted us to it as they always have their ears peeled (no pun intended haha) for apple-related things. So, apparently the saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' originates from an old Welsh phrase....'Eat an apple on going to bed and you'll keep the doctor from earning his bread.' Unfortunately no Cae Main apples avaialble just yet, but they will be in a few months!

have a good week


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