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The Denbigh Plum Festival and lots of crumble

We've realised that our website - whilst it looks pretty and we get lots of lovely feedback on it - isn't actually doing very well on being found by the search engines, namely Google. Something else to work on over the winter. If there's anyone out there who is an SEO whizz and could give us some advice then please shout!

In the meantime we just keep going with the more traditional, word of mouth, type of marketing - which has always worked very well for us fortunately - thank you to all of you who continue to spread the word about what we're doing and help us to reach more people. We've got the Denbigh Plum next Saturday (1st Oct) which is always a really fun event for us - and Chris is here this year so I might manage not to lose my voice by the end! Hope to see lots of you there, please give us a friendly wave even if you can't stop to chat.

In the field:

Harvesting- tomatoes, kale and cavalo nero, beets, beans, the last of the kohlrabi. We've also grown some carlin peas this year which we're excited about and left them to dry on the plant before picking.

Rosie has planted out some spring greens and lettuces, and we've been pricking out winter salads and kale. It's all feeling a bit like the calm after the storm.

In the boxes:

Small - sweetcorn, cavalo nero, apples, runner beans, leeks

Regular - Harlequin squash, purple cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, pears, curly kale, broccoli, beetroot or kohlrabi (or a mix of the 2)

In the shop:

A bit of a shout out for our beer we have in - those of you who have tried it have been really positive, if you like beer - or know someone who does - have a look at the range we've got in, we enjoy all of them! They're all organic and all tasty. You can buy by the bottle or by the case - if you know you want a case it's worth giving us a heads up as we don't stock that many cases at one time but if you order we can get in for you the following week if we don't have. Worth thinking about too for any festive drinking that might be happening in coming months.

Back to the fresh stuff...

Potatoes, onions (brown and Roscoff), carrots, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, Palermo peppers, purple cauliflowers, broccoli (nice small bits), sweetcorn, cucumbers, marrows, squash, beetroot, kale, runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes

Fruit: Apples, damsons (can do a discount if you want a large quantity for jam-making), lemons, bananas

+ eggs + sourdough +Pentrefelin milk + organic pasta, flour, olives, beer, olive oil, tins of tomatoes / beans / coconut milk + apple cider vinegar + coffee...and more

Recipe inspiration:

We're starting to enter soup season - which is where the veg box comes into it's own. Hopefully everyone also eating a lot of blackberry / apple crumble! :)

Also keep hearing about amazing chutneys that people are making at the moment with the different fruit that needs using up - including pears and damsons.

Finally, we've got a lovely customer who regularly buys our veg and has started selling home-cooked takeaway meals which sound amazing. She's based in Llannefydd and you can contact her on or 07969 476640. There's more info in the flyer below.

Also if you missed this very short article on we shared on FB the other day, it's worth a read. According to the campaign charity Feedback, food production is the human activity that has the single biggest impact on our planet.“Children will be the custodians of our planet,” says headteacher Robin Yeats, discussing the decision to place soil education and regenerative agriculture at the centre of this academic year’s teaching. “If we can show them they can make a difference in our little garden, children will realise what they can do on a bigger scale.” This is something we are really interested in - the idea of weaving food education into teaching is undoubtedly going to go a long way to guiding long term behaviour and habits.

have a good week


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