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Sweet sweetcorn from Prion and tasty tomatoes

The Denbigh Plum on Saturday was fun - and exhausting - as always. Such a great event, so well organised and lots of really interesting stuff going on - although we missed a lot of it being on out stand. It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some new ones. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. One of the coolest things was seeing children so excited about the massive tomatoes and also buying the cherry tomatoes to snack on as they walked around! That's a win in our book.

In the field:

A lot of harvesting - 15kg runner beans (probably the last bean harvest for the boxes until

broad beans in April!), 200 (!) sweetcorn, 15 kg beetroot, 15kg cavalo nero, 3kg leeks, 50 lettuces, about 30kg tomatoes, 14kg carrots.

Martin has been tidying up all the beds where we've pulled stuff out, ready for winter. We've completely cleared all of the sweetcorn, some of them are a bit small but should taste amazing. We've also cleared all the cherry tomato plants. Kale, salad and pak choi have been planted out.

In the boxes:

The size of our sweetcorn varies a lot but we tried to put the biggest ones in. Also hoping that the runner beans haven't gone too stringy - we've been harvesting regularly but there might be the odd one that's gone over. The plums are the last of the year.

Small - runner beans, lettuce, apples, leeks, Savoy cabbage

Regular - tomatoes, beetroot, cavalo nero, runner beans, sweetcorn, Romanesco cauliflower, plums

In the shop:

Potatoes, onions, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, sweetcorn (ours - worth trying we think they are amazing), Savoy cabbages, runner beans, squash, tomatoes (some), chestnut mushrooms, leeks, Palermo peppers

Fruit: apples, bananas

Plus all the other extras including eggs, sourdough, milk.

Recipe inspiration:

It's all about soup, dal and chilli for us this week. We made flat breads to go with our dal the other night and I had forgotten how easy they are to make - I used this recipe but there are lots out there. We're also going to make these apple and oat cookies! (it would be rude not to, surely)

Finally, we had this lovely email from a new customer this week and it made us happy -

'I have received the small box this week and I just wanted to share how fantastic it was! It is so exciting getting a mixture of local veg that I can experiment with each week.'

have a great week #enjoythattastyveg

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