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Still hanging onto November...

Not quite sure how it's Dec 1st tomorrow, but apparently it is, anyone else have that feeling? Hey ho, it's still November today at least. One lovely reminder came through on one of the newsletters I subscribe to (from the author Beth Kempton) and it was this: 'Pull on some boots. Head out into nature. Take a deep breath and take a moment to think about what this season really means to you - what you want to honour, what you want to release, and how to create moments of delight in amongst the manufactured version of Christmas we are sold at every turn.'

In the field:

Harvested: 10 kg chard, 4 kg salad, 20 kg leeks. Putting compost on beds and weeding in the polytunnel. We've also had a lovely much-needed delivery of wood chip (with hopefully more to come) so we'll be getting that down on the paths.

In the boxes:

As well as carrots, potatoes and onions (Roscoff this week in regular boxes)...

Small - clementines, cauliflower, palermo peppers, leeks*, squash

Regular - apples, sweet potatoes, chard*, parsnips, celery, salad*, Savoy cabbage (some of these are huge, don't feel overwhelmed, take outer leaves off as some of them a bit scruffy/some aphid evidence spotted, and if you have to compost some then it's not a disaster - you're getting a lot of food for your money!)

*from Prion :)

Sourdough - we have had some requests in the past for the amazing Nant y Felin sourdough to be delivered in the veg boxes. If you would like one (weekly or one off) we can add to your box so let us know or order via the online shop - the bread will arrive frozen but it defrosts brilliantly.

In the shop:

We've stocked up! Come and help us get through all this amazing veg.

Potatoes, carrots, onions, leeks, chestnut mushrooms, palermo peppers, squash (harlequin, crown prince, mashed potato), celery, fresh turmeric/ginger/garlic, chillies

Brassicas: Savoy cabbages, red cabbages, sprout stalks, cauliflowers,

Roots: Celeriac, sweet potatoes, parsnips, golden beetroot, swede

Leaves: Chard, salad, kale

Fruit: Clementines, apples, lemons, bananas, cooking apples

Also- we've got ther very last of the UK Vine Tomatoes - bought in from Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight, once they're gone that's it till next year.

And organic store-cupboard items, free-range eggs, Nant y Felin sourdough and Pentrefelin milk.

In the kitchen:

Lots to choose from at this time of year. If you're looking for celery inspiration, this leek and celery salad looks interesting and you can also do braised celery as a side dish.

Finally, not wanting to add to the festive pressure in any way, but just a nudge that if you know you're going to want any of our store-cupboard items in the coming weeks, it's worth ordering sooner rather than leaving till later in December - we don't hold a huge amount of stock so the more early orders we get in the more we can avoid selling out of things. The link to the online shop is here, if you get a veg box we can deliver the items with your box, or you can come into the shop and buy if you don't want to use the online shop. We do sell beer by the case as well as individual bottles, for those who have ben enjoying our organic beer.

Also, don't forget if you're relying on us for all your Christmas veg and know what you want, it might be worth pre-ordering a box which will also reduce the time you need to spend shopping as we'll box it up for you! - drop us an email if you want to know more.

have a great week


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