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Scapes and more sowing

What a difference a week makes. Hopefully we can wave goodbye to the hungry gap till next year! The boxes seem full of life and full to the brim, hope you enjoy whether you get a box and/or pop to the shop.

Important - the shop is open Thursday this week but not Friday due to the bank holiday.

In the field:

Planted out kale, kohlrabi, climbing french beans. Sown more lettuce. Potted on cucumbers, courgettes, squash. Staked the tomatoes. Harvested broad beans, lettuces, scapes.

In the boxes:

Small - new potatoes and carrots, red onions, broad beans, cucumber, spring greens, UK aubergine

Regular - new potatoes, new carrots, UK onions with tops, broad beans, mushrooms, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spring cabbage, courgette, scapes (see below for more on these..)

In the shop:

Don't forget - we're open on Thursday only this week (closed Friday, normal hours again next week).

Plenty - new & old potatoes, brown / red onions, sweet red peppers, cucumbers, courgettes, fresh ginger / garlic / turmeric

Limited - carrots with tops, aubergines, spring cabbages (with hearts), avocados, onions with tops, UK cherry vine & vine tomatoes, UK heirloom tomatoes, Prion lettuces, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, celery, broad beans

We've also got some bay leaves in (freebies thanks to one of our fab customers).

Fruit - bananas, oranges, nectarines

Also - hens and quails eggs plus other organic pantry staples and organic beer.

Recipe inspiration:

Scapes - 'Before garlic bulbs fully mature and are ready to be harvested, they throw out long, curly scapes, which hold the flower head of the plant. Left to their own devices, garlic scapes would ultimately produce tiny bulbs of their own, or 'bulbils'; but they divert food and energy away from the garlic so we snipped the scapes off. These tender green stalks are both edible and delicious, rather like tender, young asparagus with a delicious hint of garlic flavour.'

How to use them: Lightly fry the chopped scape stalks, then scatter them into salads or stir through pasta dishes. Use to garnish risottos and pizza. Stir-fry a bunch of scapes, and serve them with a garlicky aioli dipping sauce. Replace basil leaves with chopped scapes in pesto. Snip scapes finely into softened butter, and spread on baguettes to make a less pungent version of garlic bread.

have a good week(end) whether you're singing the national anthem or not!


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