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Plums, beans, apples and sour dough

Updated: Apr 3

Just starting to notice a little chill in the morning and a bit of dew on the plants , which is signalling the start of the Autumn harvest. I think this is my favourite time of year - the days are still warm, but the nights have cooled off and from a gardening perspective we are reaping the fruits of our labours all year.

So what's been going on? We've cleared the beetroot bed which is now lettuces that have been planted out at a good size. so hopefully they will be ready soon. We've cleared a bed of Cucumbers which will now become

We've planted out more Chard, and transplanted 120 Spring Greens, and pricked out another tray (84) lettuces. More sowing to do today

In the shop:

Aside from the usual potatoes, carrots onions and chestnut mushrooms, we have a lot of beans (the purple french beans), and a lot of plums and a lot of apples (I managed to over order Discovery Apples ) - all of which I'm keen to get rid of! Don't forget we also have Rob's amazing Sour Dough from Nant y Felin.

We have Cauliuflowers, some savoy cabbage, some courgettes, loads of cucumbers, amazing tomatoes, some lettuce and salad (hopefully - it's just starting to bolt!) Padron Peppers, lemons and mixed box of squashes

Cavalo Nero and Kale doesn't seem to sell well in the shop so I will only harvest a little.

Rosie's return means that next week we will have in the Roscoff onions and garlic, sailed in from France... minimum carbon footprint on these beauties!

Recipe ideas/using your veg box

Liz is still away, so the recipe ideas have dried up... but do you know despite working ridiculously long hours I have still managed to eat amazing quick meals which is probably worth sharing. (all produce available in the boxes or shop!! shameless plug!!!! )

1) Breakfast - has to be Porridge with malted flakes and either fresh fruit (berries) or stewed apples/plums, followed by Rob's sour dough with either a fried egg or some of Liz's marmalade or Steve Cawthray's local honey, washed down with Grumpy Mule Organic Coffee!

2) Bryn Cocyn Padron Peppers - fried in our delicious olive oil with some sea salt !

3) Carrots, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and fruit - eaten raw as snacks

4) Bryn Cocyn Potatoes, boiled with a knob of butter and some salt

5) Wholegrain spelt penne pasta with cavalo nero (de-stalked and chopped up) sweated down in olive oil, chopped up chilli and then a sqeeze of lemon over - mixed up.. a bit a of parmesan on top

6) Summer vegetable paella with beans, tomatoes, mushrooms... oh my word it was yummy and easy.. and was just as good cold!

That's it for me for now, have a brilliant week

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