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Paddington and poorly cucumbers

If you missed Paddington and the Queen swapping marmalade sandwich notes, it's worth a watch. Hope you all had a lovely weekend despite the slightly erratic weather. Our cucumber plants in the polytunnel haven't enjoyed the chilly nights and we've lost a few of them - so frustrating.

In the field:

This is the last of the broad beans for now, as the plants in the polytunnel are done (flail-mowed) and we need to wait for the ones outside to be ready.

Flail mowed the chard and removed from polytunnel as it was going to flower.

Strung up the tomatoes.

Planted out a whole lot of climbing french beans and built the structures for them.

Weeded. Harvested a lot of kale.

In the boxes:

Boxes are starting to look nice and full again! phew. The pic is of the regular boxes this week -can't see where one box starts and another finishes there's so much greenery!

Regular - Jersey new potatoes, new carrots, bunch onions, UK kale, UK vine tomatoes, UK aubergine, cucumber, sweet potatoes, palermo peppers. Some of you may also have some broad beans as an extra.

Small - Jersey new potatoes, new carrots, bunch onions, UK vine tomatoes, UK broad beans, courgette, mushrooms

In the shop:

Plenty - carrots with tops, new potatoes, onions with tops, UK aubergines, chestnut & white mushrooms, red onions, brown onions, sweet potatoes, courgettes

Limited - UK vine tomatoes, UK cherry tomatoes, red palermo peppers, cucumbers, spring greens, celery, kale*, lettuces*, beetroot*, rhubarb*

Fruit - bananas, apricots, oranges, lemons, gooseberries*

*from Prion

Also - hens and quails eggs, plus other organic bits including oats, tins of tomatoes, coconut milk, beans, and Spanish olive oil.

No Pentrefelin milk last week as think Huw and his cows were (understandably) struggling to keep up with demand with the Eisteddfod so close by. Hopefully we'll have more in this week as a few of you have been asking for it.

Sorry no heirloom tomatoes this week, know how popular these have been, more coming in next week.

Recipe inspiration:

We made a vegetable moussaka this week from Rick Stein's book 'Rick Stein at home', bit of a faff but worth the effort, we really enjoyed it. Here's the recipe.

If you're struggling with the aubergine (know it's a bit of a Marmite veg but it is in season at the moment so we want to support the UK growers), try this aubergine pickle which I've shared before - great with curries.

Don't forget you can use the carrot tops in a pesto

have a good week


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