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Holiday vibes

A very quick one this week - just to remind you that we're still here! Hopefully box deliveries have gone to plan and you're all enjoying your veg. (And Rosie can heave a sigh of relief and take a well deserved pat on the back, what would we do without her!). If you want to contact us about anything, we'll probably not start to respond to emails until Tuesday next week at the earliest so don't worry if there's a delayed response.

The shop isn't open this week as we're away, and then we're open again next Friday 4th March at the unit here (2nd turning on left in Colomendy when you're coming from the top past Jewsons).

Absolutely nothing happening in the field this week with us away and Rosie doing deliveries. Chris did a good water of the strawberry plants before we left as they are inside, and we're hoping no wind damage to polytunnels, an ongoing worry during winter. Once we're back, it's all about getting those seeds sown!

Eat Your Greens veg boxes:

Small boxes - mushrooms, kohlrabi, cherry tomatoes, kale, blood oranges. Regular - green cabbage, leeks, sprout stalk, celeriac, tomatoes, swede, Braeburn apples. If there are any changes to this it's because something wasn't delivered correctly and Rosie has had to do a last minute sub.

The tomatoes are from Spain but we felt it was time to bring in a little bit of variety after a few months of brassicas. It's already getting harder and harder to make the boxes feel interesting just with UK produce, and as we approach that grisly UK hungry gap it won't get easier! But as always we'll do our best and the rewards are the amaxing veg that comes afterwards!

The Vale Grocer shop:

Don't forget, the shop is closed this week! Look forward to seeing you next week at the new place. We're still working on the cardless payment - it synchs with our online shop hence the delay whilst we try to sort it all out at the same time - so assume it's cash (or BACS) until we let you know otherwise.

Recipe Inspiration:

We tried this Riverford kohlrabi and apple salad the other day and enjoyed it. We actually did it without the walnuts and it was still good. When taking off the outer skin of the kohlrabi, make sure you get rid of all the shiny skin as even a little bit can be tough.

have a lovely week

#enjoy that tasty veg

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