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Harvesting, harvesting and more....

After 4 years of growing, this was the week where it all came together... 130kg of veg already harvested and delivered in the veg boxes. It took me nearly 10 hours to harvest - trying to get the balance between freshness and daylight hours in the day!! We should be doing that for the next couple of weeks at least too! (more if I can get stuff into the ground!)

I need to be getting more plants sown ready and into the ground for winter, but there is so much other stuff to do. This afternoon we have a pop up shopin Llandyrnog at the Pavillion 3-5:30, so need to harvest for that, then we have our veg shop Thursday and Friday 10 -1 and then the Denbigh Flower Show on Saturday when we'll have a stall, and I need to harvest for those! I'm definitely not complaining though, this is the most rewarding thing ever!

Harvested so far this week:

11kg French beans

30kg beetroot

10kg Wizard Field Beans (small broad beans) - last of these until Spring

10kg chard

10kg courgettes

12kg cucumbers

12kg curly kale

15kg Cavalo Nero kale

48 lettuces

11kg heirloom tomatoes

1kg peas

2kg turnips

6kg red tomatoes

6kg cherry tomatoes...

There are so many beans and tomatoes still to come!!!

Many of us giving growing veg a go and sometimes it works and we get edible produce!!.. the aim is to then harvest it at the right time and either use it or sell it, and that is the amazing challenge of this business. Growing something and not knowing whether you will be able to sell it, weirdly I find quite exciting. Our challenge over the next couple of weeks is to sell our glut of green and purple beans. Think we'll be putting on some special offers! It's worth remembering that with seasonal veg we need to process or eat the veg when it is ready... if you want beans with yor Christmas dinner, you need to blanch them and freeze them in the next few weeks.

You may have guessed that this isn't Liz writing this week.. but me Chris! Liz is taking a well earned break having held the fort whilst I've been off sailing so I'm getting a full appreciation of what she had to deal with whilst I was away.

I'm afraid no recipe ideas this week, but I'm going to do a shameless plug for the shop - everything that we sell is stuff that Liz and I use and love - that's how we decide what we buy! If you haven't been in before then the picture below is the stuff that we sell that isn't fresh veg but goes very well with it!

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