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Happy New Year and all the best for a healthy 2023

Wales, organic, no dig, veg bxes

Hope everyone has managed a break of some sort, whether it be solo or with others, we have certainly been grateful for a forced stop and are getting ready to start again next week. We're easing ourselves back into it with the shop - this week we'll be open Thurs and Fri 10-1 as normal (although there won't be as much choice, first delivery of the year comes in on Monday).

Once again, thank you all for your support for our little business over the past year. Our pre-Christmas week was amazing, we really felt the love!

A reminder to please let us know any feedback or ideas you have, and if you are thinking of stopping your box or haven't been to the shop for a while let us know the reasons why and we might be able to help.

We're excited about having more local suppliers on board, and developing this more in the coming year. Sam at Glanllyn Farm is bringing us some stir fry greens next week which will go into the boxes (she also sells high welfare goat and hogget/mutton).

In the field:

Absolutely nothing, apart from checking everything is doing ok (it is) and the patched hole in polytunnel has survived (it has). Hopefully we'll have some purple sprouting broccoli for you soon.

In the boxes:

Boxes restart next week. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas veg. We certainly did and felt proud serving it up on Christmas Day for family, with leftovers in an amazing potato hash.

In the shop:

We're open tomorrow (Thurs) and Fri 10-1 as normal just with limited stock.

Potatoes, carrots, Savoy cabbages, squash, red / brown onions, garlic

From the field - salad, kale, leeks, maybe some swede

Fruit we just have clementines.

No recipes this week, we're still on holiday ;)

have a lovely week

#enjoy that tasty veg

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