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Cae Main Cider

Bit of info on our Cae Main cider we have in it at the moment - we've been lucky enough to sample this in the past but this is the first time it goes on sale anywhere! Marion and Nigel kindly gave us a bit of information on how it's made. We may also have a slightly different batch (No.2) coming in soon, watch this space. If you want any for Christmas, we recommend buying early (as per any of the shelf products in the shop - we don't hold a lot of stock):

'This batch (No. 1) is made from 70% Michelin apples and 30% Tom Putt apples. Michelin is an old variety of French cider apple that was first brought to Hereford in 1884.Tom Putt was raised by Rev. Tom Putt, Rector of Trent, Somerset in the late 1700s. Apples for cider (No 1) were harvested in the Autumn of 2020, washed, juiced and put into a large fermenting vessel to ferment naturally using the wild yeasts from the apple skins. We never add anything to our cider.

Once the first fermentation had happened, the cider was left on the ‘lees’ over the summer to allow a secondary ‘malo-lactic’ fermentation to happen. This ‘softens’ the cider. Again, this is a completely natural process. In late 2021 we put the cider into a clean fermenting vessel, and left it to mature for another year!

Now it’s Autumn 2022 and we have bottled this batch of cider. Nothing added, nothing filtered out, unpasteurised and live, at 5.9% alcohol and naturally still and dry this cider is quite different from the fizzy stuff you’ll get in the pub.

Made from apples grown in our pesticide and herbicide free orchards overlooking the Vale of Clwyd, we think this is our best ever cider and hope you enjoy it too.' [yes. we very much do! :) ]

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