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Veg Boxes delivered around Denbigh

Seasonal Veg grown without Chemicals

If you are someone that prioritises your health and what you eat then  you are on the right website! Liz and Chris Kameen run a seasonal vegetable box delivery business based in Denbigh, North Wales, and also supply vegetables, fruit and other organic goodies including oats, beer, pasta through our Grocery shop in Denbigh.

We grow a lot of the perishable crops ourselves up in Prion and try to source and support local suppliers that also grow without chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides

Liz and Chris, Eat Your Greens, organic veg boxes, North Wales
Russet Potato Pile

Seasonal vegetables delivered to your home each week. Delivery to Denbigh, Ruthin & surrounds

Regular box £70/month 

Small box £56/month

Unit 9, Vale Park, Colomendy Estate, Denbigh, LL16 5TA

Opening hours:

Thursdays 10-1

Fridays 10-1 

We're on the hunt for local suppliers who are growing things we aren't

Hi Liz and Chris, just wanted to thank for the fab veg boxes as always. The children get really excited to see what surprises the box has in store every week and are getting better and better at trying different veg. Thanks for all your hard work, it is much appreciated.


We'll tell you what we're growing, what we're selling and how we're cooking it

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